Our Leasing Process

1.  Call 281-353-0334 to check availability and prices. 

2.  Schedule an appointment to come by and see our facility and sign a month-to-month lease.

3.  Review our policies and procedures which include: 

  • A Minimum Lock Requirement for security: 7/16" diameter shackle that is case-hardened -  This is the cheapest insurance you can buy!
  • Small locks are not allowed because they can be easily cut off with bold cutters
  • You may purchase a lock from us - we sell them below our cost in order to provide maximum security and convenience.  


4.  Provide you with pre-addressed envelopes for your monthly payment.

5.  We will assign a clean storage unit to you and show you where it is located.

6.  Keep in touch and let us know if you ever have any questions or concerns.


Signs Along the Way

At Northwest Corner of Spring Stuebner and Mossy Oaks Road

At Southwest Corner of Mossy Oaks Rd and Greenleaf Dr

Driveway to Office Entrance at Back Door of Beige House

Northland Office in Beige House at 4133 Greenleaf Drive

Office Entrance at Back Door

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